Stellar – Plug-in – AD Tools

Process ID: FB-Stellar-AD-Tools

A range of Tools for AD creation and output mixing:

  • Generates broadcast mix of AD and optionally program audio integrating all Pan and Fade settings.
    • 16 or 24 bit audio formats
      • DTT wav with warble track
      • Plain dual mono
      • Panned stereo track – emulating DTT output
      • Premix
      • Premix – emulating DTT output
      • Video MP4
  • Extract Gaps from Subtitle or caption files and create blank AD template
  • Extract audio clips from existing AD audio files.
  • Create delivery Zips of AD file and all associated WAV files.


ESF or srtad control file.

  • Source WAV files.
  • Optional program audio.
  • Optional Source MP4 video file


  • Audio WAV file AD only or mixed with program audio
  • Video file (MP4) with AD mix added to audio track


Pay Per Item Price:

  • Audio Mixing – €0.50 per 30 minute chunk
  • Gap Extraction – €0.50 per file
  • Audio to AD splitting – €0.50 per file
  • Delivery Zip – €0.50 per zip file