Audio Transcode

Process ID: FB-ST-AUD

Transcodes Video/Audio to audio only files. Metadata allows definition of In and Out points so the output audio can be trimmed.

Example Use Case:  Removing the audio associated with pre-roll, bumper or trailing black for VOD versions.

Input Files:

Files Containing audio: WAV, OGG, MOV, MP4, AVI, TS, PS, WMV, FLV, OGV, MPG, MXF or JSON command file

Output Files:

Audio File: WAV/M4A


Pay Per Item Price: €0.50 per 30 minute chunk:

Monthly Pricing: N/A

Only output files created will be charged for.

How to run Audio Transcode


In the Nebula Process configuration you will need to set up the following paths and settings:

  • File Extensions to Process – Sets the input file types to be processed
    • Leave as default unless you want to restrict the file types used
  • Path to write output files to – Set output file location
  • Log file path and name- Blank for no logs
  • Timing Options
    • Default time to cut from audio – sets how much audio will be trimmed off the front of the input audio.
  • Encoding Options
    • Output Format – Select from the available output formats.


To transcode an audio file.


  • Drop a compatible source file into the input folder location
  • The settings in the current configuration will be used to create an output file in the destination folder.


  • Drop a JASON command file into the input folder
    • Optionally the JSON file can override the trim, output location and output type settings in the current configuration.

JSON File Format:

“cmd”: “start”,
“srcfile”: “filename”,
“destfile”: “filenamenoext”, – optional
“inpoint”: seconds, – optional
“outpoint”: seconds, – optional
“outputtype”: “wav16|wav24|m4a128c|m4a192c” – optional

The process can be used with the Generic Plug-in API process V2 to remote controlled automation.