Stellar – Plug-in – ASR Speech to text

Process ID: FB-Stellar-ASR

Generates transcripts from the audio from the project video in Stellar using external Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) services.
The transcript is added to the current Project as a new text file.
NOTE: This WILL send your audio (but not the video) to external servers. If you are concerned about this, do not use this plugin.


Audio extracted from Project video file


Transcript or subtitle text in new text file added to Project.


Pay Per Item Price:€0.30 per 30 minute chunk plus direct ASR cost (depending on ASR Service(s) selected)

External Costs:

  • Google Premium – €0.032 per minute
  • Amazon – €0.021 per minute
  • Speechmatics – €0.033 per minute
  • Apptek – €0.065 per minute
  • – €0.0315 per minute

Services may be added or removed without notice

Prices subject to change


Program audio (but not video) will be sent to external services on the internet.

Do Not use this service if you have security concerns for your audio content.