New AD tools from V6.0 – see the changes.

From Stellar V6.0 (August 2022) most of the changes are aimed at subtitling users, but there are a few changes that effect AD Users

General Changes


  • You now have to Log In to use Stellar.
    • This uses the Nebula Login you were sent when you firs registered.
      • If you have forgotten your Password, use the Forgot Your Password? button
      • If you have forgotten your Username, use the email address used to register your Nebula account.
  • Logging in allows you to access shared ‘Company’ versions of Layouts, Profiles, Hotkey Maps, Fonts and other shared resources with other users in your Company.

Accessing Files

  • All the files and folders within Stellar are unchanged
  • We have simplified how you access External files and Folders
  • You can now directly access all drives and network locations on your PC or Mac
  • You will see a set of default Shortcuts to Documents, Downloads and Desktop
    • You can also create new Shortcuts of your own.

AD Fade Settings

  • In V5.0 the default Fade slope and fade depth were set in the Audio Recorder setting.
  • From V6.0 all rules and configurations are set in the Layers and Profiles
  • What you need to do:
    • If you:
        • use the system default fade settings (0.12s and -15db)
        • Only create scripts
        • Mix all your outputs are only audio files (wav) – With no program audio to fade down.
        • Output a Pro Tools project file
      • You don’t need to do anything.
    • If you:
        • need to mix AD audio into Program audio
        • deliver a complete script and separate audios (lots of wav files)
        • Deliver your work vie the Stellar Task System with audio
      • You will need to load a Profile with the correct audio settings or, for special cases, set up your own Profile with the required settings.

Recording Audio

  • New hotkeys for recording
    • F12 – Record and stop recording – keep the Take
    • Esc – Abandon the current recording – don’t keep the Take.
    • Alt+ F12 – Endless Record – Record the current Title and keep going to record the following titles, until you press F12 or Esc.
      • Useful if you want to record a string of Titles in one go.
    • Alt+ Shift+ F12 – Loop record – Do multiple Takes if the current Title automatically.
      • Press F12 or Esc to stop
  • In Version 6.0, when recording audio the program audio will dip, as set by the fade times for the title you are recording.
    • This can be a help if the program audio is very load as you are trying to narrate.

Writing Scripts

  • There is now more room in the text box to write your script, and the box size will expand, up to a limit, to fit more text.

Checking your script and recordings

  • In Version 6.0, there is a new automatic QC Checking scheme. Much of this is aimed at subtitling, but parts are specific to AD.
    • You can get errors and warnings on
      • Missing audio
      • Blank title boxes
      • Fade times that differ from the default
      • Speaking speed under or over a set limit
    • See  File Status Display

See the full list of changes on the  Version History page.

August 2022